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Jerry Jerger, Jeff Bender, Michael Cone
Brian Demar Jones and Joy Marr
Kurt Kingsley and Noelia Antweiler in Th

“For sheer exuberant ribaldry, it would be hard to find something to top the Protean Theatre Company’s production of The London Cuckolds. Strikingly modern and

wildly funny, the cast of thirteen, under Owen Thompsons direction, brings

enormous energy and infectious joy to this subversive tale.”

-The New York Times (D.J.R. Bruckner) – The London Cuckolds


The Doctor in Spite of Himself has a wise friend in director-adapter Owen Thompson. This production is laugh-aloud funny and more. It’s a clever postmodern burlesque.If Moliere’s ghost is standing in the back of this

theatre, he’s probably applauding.”

 -BackStage (Glenda Frank)  - The Doctor in Spite of Himself

                     “Great serendipitous pleasure! Very, very funny! This is farce,

and Owen Thompson resourcefully stages it as such.”

-The New York Post (Clive Barnes) - The London Cuckolds

Tom Souhrada and Marc Geller in The Mystery of Irma Vep

"A storm of a show, like none you've ever seen! This Tempest is a totally immersive

      experience and a thrilling one at that! Director Owen Thompson has pulled

                               out all the stops in an effort to provide a memorable experience                                                        and he succeeds in spades! Action is everywhere and

                                                                 one is filled with wonder from start to finish!"

                                                              -Queens Chronicle (Mark Lord) -The Tempest * 

Timmy Wiverstad in The Nerd

* Nominated for the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Director and Outstanding Revival of a Play

"This show is  farce in the extreme: humor tumbles like an avalanche and expert director Owen Thompson points the cast in the right direction to keep all the snowflakes falling!" (Warren Gerds) -The Nerd 

Amanda McCallum, Noelle McGrath, and Ben

“Skillful direction by Owen Thompson and first-rate comic acting make George

Bernard Shaw's Fictitious History an intelligent and witty evening of theatre.”

-TimeOut New York (Matt Stewart) - George Bernard Shaw’s Fictitious History

“Masterful!” “Great Staging!” “Super acting. Super play. Super directing.”

“This is the best production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof I've ever seen!"

"For all its production value & big name, The Rose Tattoo (also

now playing) doesn't come close!” “Mesmerizing!”

“Exquisite!” “We loved every minute of it!...

Highest recommendations!” “Riveting!”

-Show-Score Members -Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

“Extraordinary drama…starkly directed by Owen Thompson.”

-New York Newsday (Steve Parks)  - How I Learned to Drive


"Lunt & Fontanne is a solid win! Director Owen Thompson                      leverages the natural chemistry of his actors, and the                               result of this creative collaboration is lovely to behold!"

 -New York Theatre Guide (Mariana Howard) - Lunt & Fontanne

"When it is done properly, Charles Ludlam's takeoff on Victorian melodrama

is an absolute gas. Happily, the Seven Angels production offers deft

direction by Owen Thompson and top-drawer performances.

Bolstered by first class sets, sounds, lighting, and costumes, 

this version (and I've seen a few) is about as good as it gets!"

-The Newtown Bee (Julie Stern) -The Mystery of Irma Vep

        “For my taste, Owen Thompson has done more than expected. He’s taken a

         summer stock standard of days gone by and made it fresh without

         propping it up with cosmetics and nostalgia. Van Druten deserves 

         such care and clarity, and he magically receives it here.”

         -The New Haven Advocate (Christopher Arnott) – Bell, Book, and Candle

Lettice 5.jpeg
Christina Hart and Lex Jones

 “This colorful and splendid rendition will leave you laughing all night

 long! A wonderful way to spend an evening.”

 -The Theatre Mirror (Tony Annicone) – The Mikado *

* Winner of the Connecticut Critics Circle Award for

                 Outstanding Director of a Musical

           "Timeless! First-rate! A memorable attraction, as relevant today as 400 years               ago, exemplified by the intergenerational and multi- ethnic 

cast under the tight direction of Owen Thompson!"

-Queens Chronicle (Mark Lord) -Measure for Measure

"A rich and satisfying surprise for theatre-goers! Owen Thompson and

his company are to be commended for mounting a rare GBS gem!"

-The Irish Echo (Joe Hurley) -Great Catherine

Good Doctor 2.jpeg

"Director Owen Thompson allows both Chekhov and Simon to make themselves felt: a night of high-caliber comedy, well worth your time!" 

-The New Haven Advocate (Christopher Arnott) - The Good Doctor

Flea 2.jpeg

Owen Thompson has worked magic in directing his large and

lively cast through a maze of frantic comings and goings!"  

-The Meriden Record Journal (Phyllis Donovan) - A Flea in Her Ear

'"Fabulous! Endearing! The direction by

Owen Thompson  was tight and solid!"

 -The Ridglea Report (Tom Nissley) - Lettice and Lovage

The Mikado
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